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This is onomatopoetry's icon journal. For questions about anything other than icon, please go there.

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x By all mean, use the icons. That's why I make them.
x Commenting when you take an icon isn't necessary, but it makes me happy.
x Credit me, either op_iconage or onomatopoetry is fine.
x DON'T edit! Textless icons aren't bases unless I say so, and if you want another image format, contact me. Crappy quality icons makes me look dumb!
x DON'T hotlink. While I host most icons on photobucket these days, some are still at my own domain, and I pay for the bandwidth of those. Upload to your own server, even if you nominate.
x Don't claim you made my icons. That ought to be self-evident.



Image hosted by Photobucket.com